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Historia – Adventures Book PDF

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“Your swollen eyes open in the darkness, and the ceiling of a cell – yet another cell, you might say, if your voice didn’t die in your throat as you go to speak – is right above you. You are chained to the wall. You hear footsteps move closer, maybe one of the guards, maybe some gruel or water. The figure in the small window at the door,

however, is that of Ruggero. ‘You’re mine now, and I’m sure you’ll turn out to be useful somehow. I have risked losing everything because of you, but it looks like things turned out to be fine after all. As soon as you’re let out of here, I’ll be sending you... far away from here. Well paid, of course, but nowhere near my city.’”

The Adventure Book of Historia is a series of 9 adventures set in the world of Historia, linkable to form a campaign that will accompany the characters from the 1st to the 3rd tier (level 1st-16th) while exploring the heart of Vesteria.

  • A Matter of Honor by Matt Forbeck
  • Tant Que Vivray by Alex Melluso
  • Unseen Enemy by Klara Herbol
  • Skeletons in the Closet by Andrea Lucca
  • Of Pyres, Claws and Fangs by Mirko Failoni and Michele Paroli
  • Captain Stench by Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola
  • The Piligrimage of Ctesia by Marco B. Bucci
  • The Secret of Altabreccia by Andrea Felicioni

Historia is a Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for the 5E that introduces the setting of Vesteria, a merciless land, full of intrigues and populated by anthropomorphic animals.