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Historia – Lorebook PDF

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“... the revolutionary sometimes is nought more than the subversive whom was able to win, is this not the truth? There shall ne’r be objective truth, because it is an iridescent prism, on which each side shines differently depending on where thou look upon’t, and the light that hits it. Whoever wants to write about history might not but turn that prism, which is all truth, so that he observes all its faces, captured in each light.” 

Deepen your knowledge of the universe of Historia thanks to this precious volume, its Lorebook: written by the formidable pen of Carolino Il Savio, an eminent historian of the realm, we will be accompanied among Magus, Brigands, Cowards and Heroes, outlining the origins of Vesteria. 

A fascinating, evocative supplement to get to know the world of Historia, to know your way around and, above all, to survive in it.