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Journey To Ragnarok – Adventure and Setting

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“While once you were nameless among the throngs of your clan, now you have carved for yourselves a place of honor in the history of the northern lands. 

Now bards sing of your deeds, and your name is known by everybody, causing terror in your enemies and earning you the admiration of your allies. 

Wherever you go, Jarlar and Kings throw rich banquets in your honor and the requests of help in these dark nights of the long winter grow by the day.”


Journey to Ragnarok is a 5E setting and adventure module of the world's most famous role-playing game that will immerse you in an epic and mythological setting. This book series is the result of over ten years of research, a game that represents the fusion of our passion for role-playing and Norse culture. 

With Journey to Ragnarok you will experience incredible adventures: set sail on a Drakkar, fight with honour and try to win the favour of Odin, father of the gods, combat to save Midgard from earthly and divine threats. 
In the Corebook of Journey to Ragnarok you will find: 
  • The Fundamentals Of Norse Mythology: a lot of information about the Nine Worlds and the main legends of Norse mythology. 
  • A Rich And Detailed Setting: in addition to the Nine Worlds, you will discover the Peoples of Midgard. 6 warring Clans, and 8 new Backgrounds inspired by Norse mythology, to create truly epic characters and adventures.
  • 12 new Class Archetypes: from the mighty Path of the Storm Wielder, to the Circle of Yggdrasill, from the Unshaped, to the School of the Wanderer. In addition, a new Class is ready to travel between the Nine Worlds: the Rune Master.
  • A Compendium of Rune Divination: when a rune appears in the game, you can harness its power thanks to these special optional rules. You can use the Runic Die, designed especially for Journey to Ragnarok, or rely on the traditional method, i.e. extracting the runes from a pouch. 
  • Magical Items: from the feathered cloak of the divine Freja, to the Heart Medallion of Muspellsheimr, the items in Journey to Ragnarok will enchant you!
  • Creatures, Encounters, and Maps: everything you need to experience heroic adventures, to travel the Nine Worlds, and to immerse yourself in this highly detailed setting. You will also find stats of the powerful Gods of the Norse pantheon and dangerous Mythological Beasts!
  • An Adventure Module for characters from level 1 to level 15: to immediately start playing and exploring this Norse setting, its legends, the characters' relationship to journey, discovery, the divine creatures, and your heroic deeds. 

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