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Journey To Ragnarok – The Rune Thief PDF

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“The city of Uppsala awakes this morning dressed in a white mantle of snow. The branches of the great ash tree thrash around, shaken by the icy northern wind, sprinkled with snowflakes: is this perhaps an omen of troubles and uncertainties? Lonely figures walk to and from the temple, hiding underneath thick furs and heavy winter cloaks since today is a day of the ceremony…”

The Rune Thief is a campaign set in the world of Journey to Ragnarok which will take the characters from their 1st level to their 7th, by exploring the heart of Midgard and by trying to stop a mysterious threat. Even though the adventures included in this volume are designed to be played one after the other, each adventure may be played even as a one-shot. 

The Rune Thief, consisting of nine chapters, will leave you breathless, leading the characters through exploration, combat, intrigue and mysterious disappearances.

Campaign written by: Andrea Back