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Nightfell – Adventures Book PDF

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"Trust me, it's for your own good, Captain Snaer doesn't want you to go around at night."

The Adventure Book of Nightfell is a rich volume containing six different adventures through which you can immerse yourself in the dark nights of Iùrmen.

In the adventure Secrets in the Ice, you will have to unravel the dark mysteries that lurk in the remotest of the wilderness, and face a new vampire cult that threatens the northern moors.

In The Curse of Owlrock, you will have to investigate the disappearance of an entire village and the witches who are said to have cursed it. 

In Vengeance is Mine, you will be thrown into the middle of a civil war and you will have to save the White Town, as ancient horrors emerge from the depths of the mountain.

Finally, you will get the chance to continue your exploration of this world with Child of Blood, Under a Pale Moon and The House that Drowns in the Woods

These adventures can be played individually, or as part of a campaign that will take characters from level 1 up to level 14. 

The Adventure Book of Nightfell also contains: 


  • New monsters and magical artefacts: use them to defend yourselves against the Eternal Night.
  • Cities of the World of Iùrmen: to set your adventures in an extremely detailed setting.
  • Maps: so you won't get lost in this endless darkness.


    Let yourself be contaminated by the densest night you have ever seen: adventures await you.

    • Secrets in the Ice. Francesco Panitti
    • Child of Blood. Stef Kiryan
    • Under a Pale Moon. Enrico Romeo
    • The Curse of Owlrock. Angelo Peluso
    • The House that Drowns in the Woods. Luca Mazzocco
    • Vengeance is Mine. Robert J. Schwalb