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Norse Grimoire (Deluxe Edition)

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The Norse Grimoire Deluxe Edition features a faux leather red cover, with silver foil and debossed design, and silver foiling on the edge of the pages.


"Hidden Runes shalt thou seek 
and interpreted signs, 
many symbols 
of might and power, 
by the great Singer painted, 
by the high Powers fashioned, 
graved by the Utterer of gods.”

Norse Grimoire is a supplement for Journey to Ragnarok, our Norse setting for 5E as well as a useful tool to immerse, even more, in this fascinating mythological and legendary world. This volume is intended to be a bridge, a Bifrost, between the study of magical practices during the Viking Age and the magical practices in 5E. 

Norse Grimoire is therefore designed as a supplement to Galdrastafir, Icelandic magical glyphs, and to Elder Futhark, the alphabet of Runes and Knowledge, as an additional tool for your gaming sessions and epic campaigns. 

Tattoos, talismans, glyphs and ritual paintings, with Norse Grimoire you will discover the power behind every rune, behind every ritual. You will discover that nothing is left to chance and that all magic, great or small, has its effects and limits. 

Within these pages imbued with magic you will find:

  • Runes of Knowledge. A historical essay on the Runes, as they appear in Norse mythology, and their role in divination.
  • Encrypted Runes. How to read them and how to use them to write intriguing secret messages.
  • 24 Runes of the Old Futhark. Their meaning, history and use in Divination.
  • Icelandic Magic Pentagrams. A historical essay on Icelandic mythology and magic.
  • 36 Galdrastafir. Their origin, rituals and magical effects.
  • Tattoos and ritual paintings. Rules and game effects that Runes and Galdrastafir have on the skin of your characters or on items.
  • Extensive bibliography of the research that led to this very rich book!

An essential supplement to embrace Norse magic, to be bewitched by it, to write your name in the book of destiny of Journey to Ragnarok.