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Not The End – Corebook PDF

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Not the End is a roleplaying game that tells the adventures of Heroes willing to risk everything for what they hold dear, with an original game system called HexSys.

In Not the End, each Hero is described by keywords placed in a hive of hexagons, each representing one of their distinctive traits. How the hexagons relate to each other within the hive creates bonds that make each Hero unique.

Not The End Corebook features the rules to:

  • Evolve the Hero
  • Deal with tests and crucial tests
  • Face the End
  • Narrate Stories
  • Create Settings

Not the End uses HexSys, a system created specifically for this game, which, instead of using dice to resolve conflicts and dangerous situations, uses tokens of different colors, to represent successes and complications. Each trial the characters face will add something to the story and the game world, making the outcome of each trial unique and different from previous ones.

Heroes will also be affected by the choices they make and they will change and evolve as the story progresses.

Not the End is the result of extensive design work, involving the entire Fumble team and over a hundred playtesters, who have played many different versions of the game in every possible setting and situation.

Be ready to risk, rise, fail, and get back up. This is Not the End!