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Seven Sinners - English Edition PDF

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"Seven Sacred Virtues,
Seven Times Subverted.
Seven Cults,
Seven Deadly Sins.
Seven Kings,
Seven Crowns.
Seven Times Damned!"

In Seven Sinners, an intriguing and disturbing bestiary for 5E and for OSRIC (first edition), as well as a collection of sparks and ideas for building your own campaign. The Seven Deadly Sins abandon the highest spheres of ethics and morality to become flesh, to walk among ordinary mortals. 

What would happen if human beings were confronted with these aberrant incarnations?
Will they allow themselves to be contaminated, or will they put up a strenuous resistance? 

What will become of them when Sin will find a way, perhaps more tortuous, to find a way  into their hearts? 

With Seven Sinners you have on your hands a sinful, devilish tool to contaminate and inspire your next gaming sessions. Seven Sinners is a collection of cultists, demons and relics for discovering the most disturbing truth ever affirmed: we are all cursed.

Seven Sinners does not refer to a specific setting: we would like the theme of sin, of its personification, to be as transversal as possible. After all, in one way or another, we are all damned creatures: and if we are not, we are only lying to ourselves. 

This volume contains images and text suitable and designed for a mature audience.