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Nightfell – A Horror Fantasy Setting

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"The Earthly World fell into darkness in the year 582 a.L. and the evil that broke free in Xivanis reached every corner of Iùrmen. A day that came to be engraved in the memory of all peoples and was forever known as the “Last Sun.”, the first day of the Lunar Age.

[..] Thou wilt tip the balance, since on thy actions fate lies for what is left of us all. Be steady in front of darkness, do not let thy heart cede, and may the moon lead thee through the silent lands of the continent."

Nightfell is a Grimdark Fantasy setting for 5E, designed by Angelo Peluso in collaboration with Mana Project Studio, in which the player's characters will have to face a bleak world under the perpetual influence of the Moon. 

Nightell will lead you into a dark world, plunged into terror and despair, shrouded in the thickest darkness: Night embraces everything, concealing horrifying creatures whose names are best left unknown. In this lightless and hopeless setting, the Undead return from their realm while eternal beings yearn for the annihilation of reality itself. You and the other players will face ancient horrors, folkloric superstitions, learning to follow the Moon, a merciless mistress, as night explorers: in this Lunar age, in which the Sun is dead and life endures only thanks to the last primordial beings, you are one of the few who has dared to live, to survive. 

In Nightfell, Corebook you will find: 

  • An overview of the History of Iùrmen: what happened to the Sun and what are the dramatic consequences behind the loss of its light?
  • Contextual insights: religions, cultures and even the languages in use in this setting shrouded in the thickest darkness. 
  • Detailed descriptions of the Night Explorers: 12 new Archetypes, 9 Ethnicities, and a host of new backgrounds. A compendium for the creation of your mysterious characters, ready to take their first steps into the dark night of Iùrmen.
  • New Classes: the Lunar Cultist, the Master of Tradition, the creepy Medium and the dreadful Vampire, playable as a Class for 5E, are ready to set off on the adventure.
  • Spells and rituals: to survive in this world inhabited by monstrous creatures.

Nightfell is a setting that will amaze you, showing you the Night as you have never seen or perceived it before. 

Angelo Peluso is an illustrator and author. He has worked as an artist on Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Numenera, Invisible Sun, Cypher System, Shadow of the Demon Lord and on other role-playing games. The Bestiary of Nightfell was awarded Best Bestiary at the Ennie Awards in 2022.