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Historia – Core Rulebook PDF

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“The cry of the lookout, up from the crow’s nest, leads the entire crew to turn towards east: Land ahoy! Soon, the horizon will reveal the white spear of the towering lighthouse of Nova Marina and the forest of masts of all sizes moored in its port, the shining pearl at the centre of the Bay of Lisandra. Its crowded dive bars and busy crossroads play host to the tales of marvel of sailors returning from faraway lands and to rumours and whispers alike, sold at higher costs even than spices throughout the Confederation”. 

Historia is a Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for 5E, populated by anthropomorphic animals, where characters are called to face the difficulties and dangers of a ruthless and feral world, suspended in a precarious balance.

The heroes of Historia can explore unknown territories, get involved in political plots, or challenge themselves by going on an adventure to Vesteria, the great continent: a land where political balances could break down at any moment. 

In this volume you will find: 

  • New classes called Professions and new mechanics.
  • Rules for mortal combat and firearms.
  • New types of Magic.
  • Over 10 macro-races called Familiae and widely diversified sub-races called Species.

Every character in Historia belongs to one of the two main Orders, Theri and Aviani, which are further divided into different Familiae and anthropomorphic animal Species, each with their own characteristics, skills and peculiarities. 

What are you waiting for? The world of Vesteria is waiting for you. 

Mirko Failoni is a freelance concept-artist and illustrator, creator of Historia, illustrator for Wizards of the Coast, Paradox, CMON and others.