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Journey To Ragnarok - Battles Beyond The Sea PDF

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“The ocean seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling bark
and the waves of the sea terrify them
and the courser of the deep heed not its bridle.”

Laguz, Runic Anglo-Saxon Poem



Are you ready to sail on the tides of destiny? 

Battles Beyond the Sea is a brand new adventure module for players from 4th to 7th level, set in the world of Journey to Ragnarok.


Authors: Matteo Pedroni, Michele Paroli, Mattia Lagonegro
Illustrators: Andrea Guardino, Roman Kuteynikov, Simone Denti
Design: Mana Project Studio


Queen Thorunn has heard rumors about the fate of her father and brother, who have gone lost at sea for over a year. Driven by the desire to find out more, she will entrust the characters with a mission that will lead them to explore the World of Midgardr beyond the borders of the lands of the North.

Battles Beyond the Sea contains:

  • The Sailing Rules applicable to 5th Edition adventures
  • The statistics of some Ships that the characters can use to navigate
  • The Skipasmidhr Exclusive Background: The Ship Builder
  • An adventure for characters from 4th to 7th level, conceived as an ideal sequel to The Gey Wanderer but can be carried out as a separate and independent chapter
  • The Bestiary with all the NPCs present in the adventure

Face your fate, Ragnarok awaits!