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Journey to Ragnarok - Echoes of Doom PDF

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Journey to Ragnarok: Echoes of Doom is a massive adventure book to plunge into the world of Journey to Ragnarok, the Norse Mythological setting for 5E. Echoes of Doom is not only an anthology of adventures that you may play as single sessions or as a campaign, but it’s also a useful tool for getting inspired and creating your own campaigns in this astonishing setting. 

Echoes of Doom includes the following adventures:

  • The Grey Wanderer, with which you’ll be called to follow the steps of Odin, father of the gods. 
  • Battle Beyond the Seas, with which you’ll set sail in the frozen oceans, hurling yourself onto sea monsters and creatures of the abyss. 
  • Like Wings Beneath the Skin, in which you’ll have the chance to prove your worth to Freyja, to save your people. 
  • The Four Corners of the Sky, a colossal adventure divided in four chapters in which you’ll meet the four entities that rule the winds on Midgard. You will have to unravel the plots hatched by Loki, god of deception and magic, but also confront creatures capable of changing their appearance, of deceiving the eyes but not the soul.
  • Imprisoned Within the Flame, with which you will master the power of fire, demonstrating your ardor in battle and in life.
  • Twilight of Doom, an engrossing multi-table adventure in which you will come face-to-face with the End, the Ragnarok, the waning of all things. Fight alongside Thor, god of thunder, and the powerful valkyries, resisting against a horde of enemies at the end of time.

Sharpen your axes for the last stand, prepare your Drakkar to take the sea; be ready to confront supernatural threats, to interface with faraway cultures. Brace yourselves for the final battle; get ready to follow the Echoes of Doom.