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Journey To Ragnarok - The Grey Wanderer PDF

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"The Grey Wanderer" is an introductory adventure for Journey to Ragnarok, the Norse setting for the 5th edition of the world's most famous role-playing game.

The Fimbulvetr is upon Midgardr, resources are running out all over the territory and the tensions between the clans are about to reach the limit.
The enemy is lurking and ready to strike, but darker forces are awaiting in the shadows, ploughing over dreadful planes of conquest.

Will the arrival of a Grey Wanderer bring some comfort or will it cause even more chaos?

The Grey Wanderer includes:

  • The rules for creating 5 Journey to Ragnarok playable classes (level 1 - 4) 
  • The new Rune Master class 
  • The Danevirke Guard exclusive Background 
  • Asatru and Journey to Ragnarok alignments 
  • An adventure for characters from the 1st to 4th level 
  • The Bestiary with all the NPCs featured in the adventure 
  • A chapter on using the Runic Die 
  • 5 ready-to-use character sheet (level 1 - 4)