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Nightfell – Bestiary PDF

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"Welcome back, nocturnal adventurers. What you have in your hands is the Dòrve Iùrmenvi, a tome compiled by the wanderer Master of Tradition known as Virhelio.

We hope that this manuscript will make your gaming experience even more treacherous, offering the Night Master fearsome creatures and insights to use within your Nightfell gaming sessions."


With the Bestiary of Nightfell you will be able to immerse yourself even deeper into this dark setting for 5e. The world of Iùrmen is populated by frightening creatures, by unnameable horrors. 

With this beautifully illustrated and evocative Bestiary, you will discover the legends of this land, its folklore and all those monstrosities that draw their strength from the Eternal Night. 

The Bestiary of Nightfell contains:

  • 100 new creatures: original monsters designed especially for the setting of Nightfell and many more, inspired instead by Italian folklore, carefully adapted to the setting and its gloomy atmosphere.
  • New tips on hunting and investigation: everything you need to know more about these monstrous creatures and their habits.

  • Tales and insights: about the creatures of the game world, so you will have plenty of ideas for your own campaigns.
  • New mechanics: about the corruption of the soul and the moon phases related to monsters.

The Bestiary of Nightfell is an incredible monster compendium and a very useful tool for populating your own dark world. 

The Bestiary of Nightfell won the gold Ennie Award in 2022 as Best Bestiary.