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Not The End – Stories PDF

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Not the End is a roleplaying game that tells the adventures of Heroes willing to risk everything for what they hold dear, with an original game system called HexSys.

Stories is the first official compendium for Not the End. Inside you will find fifteen scenarios written by authors who have enriched the game with their imagination and style, that will let you play right away without the hassle to create a whole new world first.

Stories is a collection of independent content which you can use as inspiration for your stories or as the basis for your settings. Every scenario in Stories is an example of how Not the End can be adapted to tell different stories while keeping the three pillars of its narrative intact.

Take part in epic naval battles, join a resistance movement of jaguar men, discover the childlike power of Truth, explore ancient pyramids, investigate a mysterious murder, enter a huge biomecha knowing that not even death will free you from your burden, or chase a powerful Vampire in the wastelands of Antilia. These are just some of the stories that you will experience!